Mission Statement:

To promote panda awareness and love by creating high-quality panda products for people’s lives.

About Us

Panda(IRL) is about Panda Fashion made by Panda Lovers for Panda Lovers. We’re so obsessed with Pandas that we built our boutique to share our love with the world! Our unique designs are inspired to accentuate your own personal style with a little bit of Panda flare.

The high-quality and handmade garments and accessories we offer are created for a variety of purposes and occasions. Whether you need something for school, the office, or the gym, a new dress for date night, or just some comfortable loungewear, Panda(IRL) has what you’re looking for and covered in adorable pandas!

Panda(IRL) is devoted to providing our customers with their favorite new items as simply as possible, which is why we offer the convenience and security of the services Paypal and Stripe. We want our customers to relax and know that there’s nothing else to do except shop for their new favorite Panda(IRL) gear, checkout, and then sit back and wait for their order to arrive in the mail.

Our inventory of new patterns and products is always growing so please keep coming back for more all new and exciting Panda(IRL) products to purchase for yourself or as gifts for loved ones. Follow us on social media @Panda(IRL)shop for more information and updates cute panda pictures!